Promote related collections on any collection page

New in Pipeline 5.2

Add links to other related collections on any of your collection pages with Pipeline:

How it works

Pipeline uses Shopify's Navigation menu system to bring-in custom menu items into any collection page and displays them as subcollections with a graphical image, collection name and link

How to setup

Using the Theme Editor, navigate to collection where you'd like to add subcollection links.

Enable the option to Show subcollections:

Next, use the link to create a navigation list, the rest is done right in the Shopify Navigation editor.

Create a new menu with same name as your collection:

Add your menu items, these will be the sub collection links:

Create a new menu for each collection that will have subcollections. Each menu can have unique menu items as the subcollection links

Collection image

For best results, add a collection image to each of your subcollection collections:

Subcollections require Pipeline 5.2

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