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How to create a Share Preview link using the Shopify Online Theme Editor

If you’re launching a new store or customizing a new theme in draft mode. Shopify allows you to create a share preview link without having to publish the theme. This is a great tool for getting feedback from anyone who needs to view your site before it's live or to view a concept version of the existing site.

For support, we recommend sending us a share preview link to help us view your store as it appears in draft mode. Here's how you can create a link:

In the Theme Editor, use the Theme actions option to display the actions menu. Choose Preivew. The theme editor will open a new window. Locate the "Share preview" button at the bottom right, use the button to generate a Share preview link.

Copy the link and send our support team the link URL.


Share preview links expire after a certain number of days and are randomly generated by Shopify.

If you're using a live published theme, the preview option will appear as View. This indicates you are currently on the live site. A Preview share link can only be created from a draft theme which is not published.

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