Migrating your settings

Tips for copying your current theme settings to a new version of Pipeline

Pipeline 6.0 has been released which supports Shopify Online Store 2.0 (OS2) platform. This is a major change. We recommend that you download the new theme and build a fresh version of your store using the new tools included for the platform.

Migrating settings is not recommend. Due to the many performance improvements included in OS2, legacy settings files will slow down your store load times. A fresh theme build is recommended for Shopify OS2.

Tips for migrating settings with Pipeline 5.x - Not to be used with Pipeline 6 and above:

After downloading the latest theme version from the Shopify Theme Store, rename your new theme to help identify the new theme from your live theme or backup theme:

Step 1: Rename new theme

Use the Actions option on the new theme from your Theme library section.

Rename to: Pipeline - New

Step 2: Migrate homepage sections and theme settings

This step will help you copy over your current homepage sections and theme settings to the new theme.

If you made a duplicate/backup of your live theme (recommended), then use that theme to copy the code from settings_data.json. If did not make a backup of your live theme, please do that first.

From your backup/duplicate theme (not to be confused with your new theme)

Use the Actions button and choose Edit code:

From the Config folder, open settings_data.jsonfile:

Copy all the code from the right code section.

Step 3: Paste code to Pipeline - New

We will now paste all that code to the same file in the new updated version of Pipeline, Pipeline - New

Return to the main Themes Library and use Actions, Edit Code with the new theme, Pipeline - New:

Tip: If your clipboard is empty, start the entire step again - Copy the code from your backup theme and then replace all the code on the new version of Pipeline.

After saving your changes in the Code Editor, you can return to the Theme Library and preview Pipeline - New. Use the Actions button to further Customize the theme.

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