Additional unique content

Pipeline includes a tag feature to allow extra unique product information to be displayed below the product images

New in Pipeline 5.2

Many product page content features are shared with all products. What if you need unique content for some products and would like to display that additional information only on those product pages? Pipeline has a feature you can use to place that custom unique information below the product image area:

This space can be used for additional product information pertaining to this product alone.

How to

There are two components to setting up this feature:

  1. Create a Shopify page for your custom content

  2. Add a custom tag to the product

This feature is simple to setup and use. The first step is to create a Shopify page with the additional content you'd like to use.

Once you've created the page, we'll need to find the page handle. Click on Edit website SEO at the bottom of the page to find the page handle

Edit website SEO:

Creating the custom tag

Once you have the page handle, we can create our custom tag which will be added to the product.

Start your custom tag with: _info_ and add your page handle after. For example, we'll use the page handle from the above page which is detox-serum-extra-content

Completed handle: _info_detox-serum-extra-content

Add the tag to your product

Simply tag the product with this custom tag and the content from the page will appear on the product page. The page content will only appear on the page(s) that have this custom tag:



  • If multiple products have the same content, use the same tag and add the tag to those products

  • Create as many unique custom tags, one per page that you'll be using.

  • Remember, each tag must start with _info_ and then followed by the page handle

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