Custom content sections

Promote your brand with rich custom content in Pipeline's enhanced product template

New in Pipeline 5.2

The new product template in Pipeline allows you to add rich custom content below the featured image:

Content types

Add blocks on rich content including video, images, text, newsletter sign-up and more:

Custom content allows you to add upto two columns/blocks of content. You can choose from any type that's available. These content blocks will appear on all your producd pages with the same content. It's ideal to promote your brand, current promotions, customer engagement, featured items and more.

Newsletter sign-up example

We can have one or two blocks in each custom content section. Here's a sample of a single block used with just and image. Then a second is added to create a rich newsletter sign-up form:

Height settings

Choose the section to view section setting options including height and spacing:

Hiding and removing blocks

Hiding or removing a block will change the section from two columns to one column:

If you wish to replace the content with another type of content, then remove the unwanted block and replace with a new one:

Removing sections

Pipeline's product template includes two sections of custom content to get you started with building rich and creative product pages. You can easily remove one or both sections by removing each of the blocks within the section or hiding them. Removing or hiding blocks and sections removes or hides them from all product pages.

Easiest option is to simply hide each block:

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