Tabs and Accordions

Organize your product description with easy to use tabs and accordions

Product tabs in Pipeline help you organize product-specific information and shared information for all your products.

Easily add shared information once into Pipeline's tab blocks to display the same content on all your product pages in one simple step. No need to repeat that information on all product pages.

Unique content tabs allow you to add unique content for individual products. Pipeline allows you to mix unique content tabs and shared common tabs together.

New design and layout in Pipeline 5.2

Choosing Tabs or Accordions, places your product description in the first tab or accordion.

Adding and editing tab content blocks

New Theme Editor - Use the expand arrow, located to the left of Product page to open the content block options:

Shared content tabs

Share content tabs/accordions allow you to add information to all your product pages, instantly. Helpful when you need to include information with all your products. Pipeline includes three types of shared content tabs/accordions:

  • Text

  • HTML

  • Page

Unique Content Tabs

Unique content-specific tabs are created for each individual product. Create as many tabs as you like.

To create unique content specific tabs, add the Description H6 block under content:

After adding Description H6, simply add content in your Product Description and use an H6 for the tab title.

This feature has been replaced with Metafields in Pipeline 6

View the Metafields version of unique tabs documentation - Click there

Video Tutorial

Learn how to setup unique content specific tabs using Description H6 in Pipeline:

Additional product content options

New in Pipeline 5.2:

pageAdditional unique contentpageCustom content sections

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