Size Chart

Display a pop-up size chart on all product pages

Pipeline allows you to configure a Shopify page as a pop-up for all your products:

For best results, create a size chart page in your Shopify Admin which includes a wide range of sizes. Use that page as your size chart page option.

How to

Begin by creating a page in the Shopify Admin under Online Store -> Pages:

Next, in the Theme Editor. Navigate to any product or use the top drop-down and choose Default product. Click on Product page, the optional sizing popup settings are towards the bottom. Choose the page you created:

Tip: When creating your size chart page, you can use use an image if you like. However, test to see how your image displays for mobile and desktop to ensure your customers will be able to read it on all devices. If an image isn't the right solution, use the page editing tools and create the content with the rich text editor.

Products without size variant

Products without a size variant will display the size-chart link lower down, just above the add to cart button and also styled as a badge. If many of your products are not using the size variant, you can repurpose this feature to be used as a badge with link to promotional or brand information:

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