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Learn Pipeline

Online course to master all features of Pipeline by Sunbowl Academy
Introducing the best way to learn everything about the Pipeline theme. This course will help with all the settings and features of Pipeline 7 brought to you by Sunbowl Academy, the Pipeline Experts.
Included in the course:
  • Theme Settings
  • Header group - Learn to set up the header, announcement bar, and the navigation
  • Overlay group - Learn how to use popups
  • Template group - Learn about all the sections in Pipeline
  • Footer group - Learn how to set up the footer and sub-footer
  • Products - Learn how to use and setup product templates
  • Siblings - Complete walk-through
  • Collections - Learn to setup sub-collections, badges, collection filters, and layouts
  • Search - Learn about predictive search
  • Pages, Blogs, and Cart - Learn all the features and settings
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Learn Pipeline 7.0 Theme
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