Compact tabs for displaying information to your customers

Using tabs is a convenient way to display concise and condensed information. This is a great option to consider when you want to conserve vertical space, as it is an alternative to accordions.

Create a heading

Combine the Tabs section with a Rich Text section to build a custom heading:

Adjust spacing

Unique styles can be created by adjusting the Width option in the Section settings:


Add a plain Text block or a Page block for the tab content and tab title:

Use the block settings to customize the content:


When using the Page block, rich text and images can be displayed:

Page blocks can increase the height of the tab section based on the content in the Shopify Page selected.


The tab headings become scrollable on mobile when the tab titles are too long to fit the device width:

Page block content appears compressed to fit the width of the device. No cropping is used for the images:

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