Elegant image gallery section for Lookbooks and more

Quickly build an image gallery utilizing Pipeline's design language. The Gallery section is an easy-to-build section that includes many features to manage the layout, and user interaction:

Complement with the Gallery text section to add captions:

Section settings

Use the section settings to adjust image scaling, background color, padding (gutters), multi-image progress bar, items per row for different device types, and section padding:

Images are sized down if the Items per row setting is set high. Larger images with scrolling are displayed when the Items per row setting is set lower:

Block settings

Add image blocks to the section and customize with image choice, positioning, and optional link:

A pop-up video player is displayed when a YouTube or Vimeo link is used.

If the link is empty, the image will zoom. You can also link to a local or external page when a URL is used.

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