Add a quick and simple newsletter sign-up form to any page

Pipeline includes a few different methods to add a newsletter sign-up option to your shop. The newsletter form collects the customer's email address and tags them in your customer base with Accepts Marketing. When linked with Newsletter apps, you can target these customers with updates.

When you need a simple newsletter sign-up section, this is an ideal option with very little to configure. The design can be used to break up sections on long pages or to simply have a minimal option:

Combine with Rich Text

Add a different header style when combined with the Rich Text section positioned above and reduced section padding:

Additional newsletter options

The fresh modern Footer design in Pipeline has an option for customers to sign-up, this is a way to have the sign-up option always available throughout the site.

Two other sections that are similar, Custom content, and Image with text both have a newsletter block that will allow you to build a graphical section to create a beautiful sign-up section.

Custom content

Tip: The same design can be built with the section: Image with text

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