Product card

Overview of the product card options under the Theme settings

Each item in a collection is represented by a product card. Pipeline offers a variety of options to customize the appearance and behavior of these cards.


Settings overview
  • Layout, text alignment

  • Image slideshows (on hover)

  • Image scaling, how images appear on the product grid, and managing how images are cropped and sized.

  • Swatches, toggles, and shape

  • Quick view and Quick add features

  • Siblings, toggle to display and toggle for the cutline

  • Product badges, toggles, and configuration

  • Color background and foreground for badges, Quick Add/View buttons, slideshow indicators

  • Star ratings when using the Shopify Product Reviews app

Complete video overview of product card options and settings:

Product ratings

When you have the Shopify Product Reviews app installed, you can toggle to show the star rating and rating count:

Star rating checked:

Star rating and count both checked:

Speed performance

When using Color Swatches or Siblings, products with a large number of swatches or siblings can degrade the Collection page loads. If your products have complex variants and colors, we recommend turning off the option to display swatches in the Product Card settings:

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