Linking to menu items

Map rich header blocks to your navigation

When using the Image, Product, and Collection blocks in the header, you'll need to map these blocks to a menu item in your navigation.

Here are some tips on how to choose the correct position for these blocks.

How to

Each of these blocks will have an option for "Link position in main menu". Use the dropdown to choose from the list.

  • Your first top-level menu is equal to Item 1, our example "Shop"

  • The second top-level menu is equal to Item 2, our example "Lookbooks"

  • The third top-level menu is equal to Item 3 (and so forth), our example "Contact"

This collection is mapped to "Item 2" which is the second menu item, "Lookbooks":

Once you have mapped to a menu item, the block will display that content (Image, Product, or Collection) in the drop-down or mega-menu that you've chosen.

Additional examples:

Item 1

Item 2


Overview of adding header blocks and mapping to menu items:

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