Blog posts

Feature your latest articles with a horizontal scrolling slider and a wide rage of customization settings
Fully customizable section to display latest blog posts. Manage the number of articles for different device types, image scaling, layout and more:

Section settings

Use the section settings to select which Blog the articles will be displayed from.
The number of posts to display is the limit of how many posts are shown in the slider. For example you can limit to the latest 2 articles and only show 2 per row. This will deactivate the slider. Increasing the number of posts to display will initiate the slider controls.
Granular controls for different device types will adjust the size of the posts displayed on the page. Increasing the number will increase the columns and reduce the size of the images:
Table view with 2 images per row
Example with 3 images per row and taller scaled images:
Tablet view with 3 images per row and scaled 1.5:1 tall
Additional settings for the Article and Layout help you toggle content to display, background color, view all link and section spacing:
View all button to link directly to blog index page