Color Swatches

Add visually appealing color and color swatches

Pipeline can display color variants as swatches on product pages and collections:

How to use:

Manage color swatch settings under the Product grid in the Theme settings:

Pipeline will detect if your variant label is Color or Colour and automatically display swatches

Customize the trigger words

To customize the trigger words which activate swatches, use the Language Editor (Edit languages) and add or modify the values:

Trigger words are the variant label names in your product setup, these are matched with the Language editor:

Quick access to the Language Editor:

Swatch color names

Pipeline can easily detect simple color names and convert them to swatches. There are a total of 140 color names Pipeline can detect, all other more complex names will be represented by a default grey color swatch. You can upload your own custom color names and graphics as described below. Here is a full list of color names that will automatically be converted to swatches:

Swatches are generated using the variant color names. If you have simple color names or color names that are listed in the above list, Pipeline will display that color on the product page as a swatch:

If your variant color name is not listed in the above list, a default grey color swatch will be used:


If your products have color names other than the listed colors in the Color names list, you can add your own color names and values or upload images to the Assets folder:

Add custom color names and values to swatches.json

Use the swatches.json file located in the Assets folder to add your own custom names and HEX color values:

For example, to change the color displayed for Ink, we can change the HEX value of #696969:

      "ink": "#696969"

Change to a darker black:

      "ink": "#323232"

To find additional HEX color codes, visit:

Add custom images to the assets folder

With Pipeline, you can upload your own custom swatch images and display them on product and collection pages:

How to:

  • Create a small square image (60x60 or 100x100 for best results)

  • Upload to the Assets folder

  • Modify swatches.json to include your color name and image

Avoid spaces in the filename

We recommend if your image has spaces, replace them with an underscore or dash: Instead of "Light Navy.png" use "light_navy.png" or "light-navy.png"

For the JSON file, your multiword variant can look like this:

      "Light Navy": "light_navy.png"

The variant name can have spaces. However, we recommend for the filename of the image, use an underscore or dash instead of a space.

Video tutorial

We demonstrate uploading a custom image to use as a swatch:

Reference from the video:

      "Sea Jungle": "sea-jungle.png"

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