Optimizing performance of your Product Card & Collection pages

Tips on improving the performance of your pages

Collection pages & Product Card sections

Collection pages and sections that use the Product Card, also known as Product Grid can experience longer page loads depending on the complexity of your product setup.

When displaying products with complex variants and a large number of swatches or siblings, each variant combination option needs to be loaded in the background to handle buying options from the section or page. That complexity coupled with loading color swatches or sibling images will degrade the page load times and affect the shopping experience for customers.

Fortunately, Pipeline includes an option to turn off displaying swatches on the Product Card. This option helps reduce the load time for stores with large color variants or swatches. We recommend using this feature to help improve the speed of Collection pages and sections that load the Product Card.

How to change

In the Theme settings -> Product card, scroll down to the Swatches section and uncheck the option to "Show swatches on collections":

Setting to uncheck:

Save the changes.

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