Create custom breadcrumbs in Pipeline for individual products

With Pipeline, you can create and display custom product breadcrumbs for every product you offer. This feature enables shoppers to easily navigate back to a specific collection that you have configured.


Using a custom breadcrumb helps resolve issues:

  • Subcollections

  • SEO links for when products are linked from both /products/ and /collection/

  • Home breadcrumbs

How to create

Custom breadcrumbs with metafields support added in Pipeline 7.1

A few basic steps exist to set up and start using custom breadcrumbs. Here is a quick summary of the steps:

Basic steps

  1. Using the Shopify Admin under Settings -> Custom data, define a product metafield. The Content type is Collection, List of collections (easy step).

  2. In the Product Setup, choose a collection from a list for any of your products that will be displaying a product breadcrumb.

  3. In the Theme Editor, ensure that the option to Show breadcrumbs is checked and the dynamic data source is linked.

Step 1

In the Shopify Admin -> Settings -> Custom data, choose Products:

  • Use the "Add definition" button to create a new product definition

  • For the Name, use any name you like. We will use "Breadcrumbs" in our example.

  • Click on the Select type button and type in "Collection", then select Collection:

  • Choose List of collections (important):

  • Press the Save button to complete

Step 2

After creating the Breadcrumbs metafield, we can now choose from a list of collections in our Shopify Admin -> Products, then pick a product to configure the custom breadcrumb:


In the Theme Editor, we can activate Breadcrumbs and link to our metafield:

Tip: Products without a metafiled value in the Product set up, won't display a breadcrumb.

Basic version

If your store only requires one source collection, you can use the basic setup.

How to

In the Theme Editor under the default Product template, you can simply choose one collection from the list of collections and that will display on all your products. No metafield setup is required.

The chosen collection will appear on All your product pages.

  • You can create multiple product templates to only show with certain products.

  • Toggle on and off with the Show breadcrumbs checkbox.

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