Upsell multiple products

Cross-selling with a selection of products

Pipeline's "Buy it with" promotion feature can display multiple options for shoppers to add items to the cart. The promotions are displayed on the product page and in the cart.

How to

Pipeline utilizes Shopify's Dynamic Source feature called metafields to match products with other related products. This method gives you complete customization abilities with pairing and cross-selling products.

Tip: A basic version is also available which will display the same product selection on all your product pages using the same template. This method can be ideal for flash sales or stores with smaller product catalogs. The setup is very basic.

The metafield version is more flexible and allows for unique product pairing with each individual product you sell. We'll cover the steps for both methods below starting with the metafield version.

Step 1

This step is easy, we'll cover all the requirements in detail.

We'll begin in the Shopify Admin -> Settings, Custom data -> Products:

Video: Steps on how to create the required metafield

Detailed steps covered in the video:

  • Click on Products and choose the Add definition button

  • For the Name, use "Upsell list"

  • Change the Namespace and key to: theme.upsell_list (Important). By default, the namespace may begin with "custom". Change that to "theme".

  • Verify you've changed the Namespace and key to: theme.upsell_list

  • The description is optional, you can use something like "Upsell products"

  • Next, click on the Select type button and choose Product:

  • Choose the "List of products" option (change from "One product"):

  • Use the Save button to complete.

Step 2

You can now start adding unique promotions to any of your products.

  • Begin in the Shopify Admin -> Products

  • Choose a product that you'd like to display with promotions.

  • Once in the Product setup, select one or more products from the Upsell list field, these will be the promoted products when shoppers view this product.

Scroll towards the bottom of the Product setup page, under the Metafields section, choose Upsell list, and select products that will be displayed in the "Buy it with" promotion space:

  • Use the Save button to complete.

  • Repeat for other products. You can make custom choices for each of your products. Products without an entry will not display the "Buy it with" promotion.

Step 3

Next, we'll make an easy one-time step to link the Upsell list metafield to the upsell product block in the Theme Editor.

Video: The required steps for the Theme Editor:

Detailed steps covered in the video:

  • Start in the Theme Editor -> Product template (default product).

  • Click on the "Buy it with" block under Template -> Product page to display the block settings:

Tip: If you don't have the block already under Template -> Product page, simply add the "Upsell" block:

  • Important - Change the Upsell type dropdown to "Product list". This lets you display more than one product in the promotion space. Can also be used to show only one.

  • Scroll down to the Product list section, and click on the Connect dynamic source icon:

  • Important - Change from "Product - Main block" to "Product - Main page":

  • Verify you've chosen "Product - Main page"

  • Choose the "Upsell list" metafield you created earlier:

  • Use the Save button to complete

The chosen promotions from Step 2 will now appear in the "Buy it now" promotion:

Promotion sorting

You can reorder how the promotions appear in the "Buy it now" promotion space. Return to the Shopify Admin -> Product setup and choose your product. Under the Metafields section at the bottom, click the Upsell list to view the selected products. Now you can use the handle icon to position the order:

Basic version

If you'd like to display the same products in the "Buy it now" promotion space for all of your products. There is a simple method that doesn't require any metafields. This instantly displays the same list of products on all your product pages that are using the same product template.

How to

  • Start in the Theme Editor -> Product template (default product)

  • Click on the "Buy it with" block (upsell block)

  • Under the "Upsell type", choose "Product list" for multiple products or use "Single product" for only one.

  • In the Product list section, simply use the "Select products" button and pick the products that will appear on all your product pages using the same template.

Video: How to configure the basic version

This method will show the same selected products as promotions on all your product pages (using the same product template).

  • Ideal for flash sales. Promote the same selection of products on all pages without having to configure each individual product.

  • Helpful for smaller stores with a limited number of products.

  • Use multiple product templates if you'd like to display the same promotion to only a group of products.

For unique product selection, use the metafields version with the dynamic source option.

Heading changes

The promotion heading can be changed in the Block settings for Product pages:

Tip: For the Cart promotion header, use the Default Content editor. The Upsell block setting will only apply to Product pages.

See also

Pipeline also includes the Complementary products block. When used with the Shopify Search and Discovery app, this version is very simple to use for unique product promotions on Product pages. Setup and managing product promotions are simplified and managed in the app. For Cart promotions, you'll still want to use the "Buy it with" feature with the theme.upsell_list metafield.

Complementary products

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