Upsell with Quick View

Shoppers can choose variants when buying from promotions

Pipeline features a Quick View-style product variant chooser to help customers quickly and easily add additional items to the Cart.

Products with variant options

Promotions for products that contain variant options will display a Quick View button to shoppers:

Works with:

  • Complementary products promotions on the product page

  • "Buy it with" promotions on both the Cart and Product pages

Products without variants

When trying to upsell products that have no variant options, a convenient "Add to Cart" button can now be found with just one click:

The one-click add-to-cart feature works for both Cart and Product page promotions

Easy to use on mobile

This is perfect for those who use mobile devices. The images of different variations are neatly arranged on top of each other, and selecting an option is as simple as tapping it:

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