Accordion single

Enhanced accordion with content blocks to build rich FAQ-style sections

Add fully customizable blocks to accordions including images, icons and more:

Create multiple columns:

Block types

Customize with a range of content blocks including:

  • Text column - An all text column

  • Image column - Image with optional text

  • Icon column - Choose from selection of professionally designed icons with text

  • Custom HTML - Add any html code to create a custom column

Section settings

Use the section settings to configure the main heading (question) which is shown in the closed state and open state.

With text and background colors, you can customize the look of the section:

Use the section spacing settings to adjust padding:

Block settings

Each block contains a set of options to customize how the content appears.

Tip: Use the Photo aspect ratio and Position options with the image block to adjust the size and position of the image. Especially useful for wide or tall images.

The Custom HTML block can be used to add Liquid code, CSS with style tags or custom app code.

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