Video banner

Pipeline's powerful all-in-one hero style video banner section

Fully customizable video banner section with options for mobile and desktop devices including support for multiple buttons, heading styles, and text options:

Display a banner-style looping MP4 video for desktop and mobile. Customize with optional blocks to display text, headings, buttons, and pop-up YouTube or Vimeo videos:

How to use

Overview of how to customize and configure the settings in the Video banner section:


These blocks power the customization options in the Pipeline Video banner section. Add multiple blocks and organize the layout order to build the exact banner video section for your store.


Styled subheading text with size options


Styled heading with size options


Standard body text with sizing

Video popup

Popup modal with support for YouTube and Vimeo videos


Custom horizontal buttons with sizes and styles


Add extra padding and line

Video banner as an image banner

Tip: The video banner can also be used as a regular image-style banner section

Tip: To fix the top gap when using a transparent header, adjust the Video banner section settings to 0px for Padding top:

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