Default theme content

Modify text in Pipeline

The Default theme content or sometimes referred to as the Language Editor is where you can modify the default wording or text used in Pipeline. For example, you can change buttons like "Add to Cart" or "Quick View", form fields, and accessibility labels.

How to

  • Use the ellipsis (three dots) at the top of the Theme Editor to view the dropdown menu

  • Choose "Edit default theme content":


Use the filter search tool at the top to quickly find words or content to change:


The content has been categorized for easy access. Use the Tab bar to view content based on its category:


After choosing a tab, you can view the content within that category. You can modify the theme text in these fields:

After making changes, use the Save button to complete.


Change the Cart upsell promotion heading:

Shopify has additional documentation on this feature:

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