Arrange a wide variety of Pipeline's blocks to build a unique pattern section

Design a custom layout with multiple block types to create custom pages and sections. Add up to three blocks with this section to build patterns that can easily be modified:

Choose from a range of Pipeline's blocks:

Combine multiple sections to display more items:

Mobile devices will display a stacked view of the blocks:

Section settings

In the section settings, you'll find different layout options to easily change the pattern of your mosaic.

First block height

When setting the First block height option to Short, the first block in the section is displayed smaller followed by a short second block:

Using Tall first will change the layout, beginning with a tall image first image and also pushing the second image to the next column:


The Split option will adjust the column size based on your selection. When Right is selected, the left side is longer, followed by the split and then a narrower column for the right side:

The Center option will move the split to the middle:

The Left option will move the split to the left side making the first column narrow and the second wider:

Use in combination with the First block height to transform the layout style:

Block settings

Use the block settings for each block type to custom configure individually. Each block has custom text, images, link options, and more.

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