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Logo list

Promotion logos and links with an animated marquee feature
With Pipeline's Logo list, you can easily build a section with brand logos or promotional images and add them to your shop:
Logo blocks
Animated the images with a scrolling marquee option:
Desktop and Mobile animation

Section settings

Configure an optional heading, background color, marquee scrolling option, and padding options:
Logos are displayed on multiple rows based on the number of logo blocks used. To align all in one row, use fewer logo blocks or enable the animated marquee option to scroll on a single line.

Block settings

Add logos or images in the block settings. Use the link option to add a page link or external URL. If checked, Open in new window will open the link in a new tab or window. Adjust image sizing and padding with the control sliders:
If no link URL is provided, there will be no call to action
Tip: Use transparent .PNG images for best results. Alternatively, match the background color with the logo backgrounds.
Last modified 1yr ago