Pipeline's hero-style slideshow section with support for mobile and desktop devices
Showcase your brand and products with Pipeline's powerful slideshow section. Customize to support mobile and desktop devices, and finetune each slide to promote your products.
Desktop image setting
Mobile image setting
Slides can auto-rotate at a specific interval while customers have full control to cycle through individual slides:
Section settings
Tip: Use the Image height setting to view the entire image without any cropping. Especially helpful for mobile devices. All other height options will automatically crop and position the image based on the position and height settings selected. The provided mobile image option is designed to help by using a custom image which may work with different height options.
Add slide blocks to build your slideshow:
Choose desktop and mobile images in the block settings. Refine each slide with image and text setting options:
Tip: By leaving the Button text option blank and still providing a link page or URL will make the entire slide image a clickable link. If you add Button text, the button becomes the call to action.
Last modified 6mo ago