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Pipeline includes powerful upselling features to help increase your items per transaction

Pipeline includes a "Buy it with" promotion feature that allows you to upsell or cross-sell one or more products on the Cart and Product pages.

Customize your products to complement other items or include tempting impulse-buy products to boost the number of units sold per transaction.

Product pages

The "Buy it with" feature can display one or up to three products on product pages. On the cart page, one promotion is displayed and cycled to another if the product is added to the cart.


Pipeline can also show a "Buy it with" promotion in the Cart, providing shoppers with another opportunity to upsell and increase units per transaction:

How to setup

The "Buy it with" feature can be easily configured to use with the Cart page and also for Product pages. With product pages, there is a Basic version which is simple to use, and a more Advanced version using a metafield to allow custom and unique product pairings.

Links to both:

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