Collection images

Show collection images when using a mega-menu

Populate your mega-menu with the corresponding image from a collection. Pipeline offers another method and design for adding images to your navigation:

If your mega-menu has a Collection as a top-level menu item. You can pull the Collection image directly from the Collection into the navigation.

How to

Step 1

The first step is to ensure you have a Collection image chosen and set in your Collection setup:

Step 2

Next, ensure you have the same Collection as a top-level menu item in your mega-menu under Navigation.

Tip: When building a mega-menu, the very top menu item, "Shop" is Level 1. Nested inside "Shop" are Level 2 menu items, "Bottoms", "Sweaters" and "Tops". These will be the columns in your mega-menu. Under each of these are additional menu items which are Level 3

Step 3

In the Header section settings, check the option to use Collection images:

Adjust the Collection image height slider to best fit the style of Collection images you have.

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