How to setup siblings

Steps to configure Siblings

Feature introduced in Pipeline 6.2

These are the five main components of setting up product siblings:

  1. Create individual products which will later be connected together as one. Each product can have variants like sizes. The color variant will be replaced by the Siblings feature.

  2. Group the Sibling products together into a custom collection (hidden from other collections).

  3. Define two custom metafields to link each product together, automatically creating linked product swatches.

  4. Update each of the products with the metafield information. For example, color names and which collection they belong to.

  5. The last step is to add the siblings block in the Theme Editor and configure the settings.

Step 1 - Individual products

Create individual products that are similar. You can use the same name for the product title when creating each product. The Siblings Cutline will add a subtitle to differentiate each product:

Tip: If you have SEO concerns, you can simply change the SEO name for each product or use different names as well

When building Siblings, you'll replace one product with multiple color variants into multiple products that are later linked together as one. For example, if a t-shirt has five colors, you'll build five individual products, each can have variants like sizes but skip the color variant as that will be replaced by the Siblings feature.

Each of these products ideally should have the same name, make one product, and then copy that product multiple times.

Important: Skip the Color variant when creating the products. Colors are added later using Metafields. Therefore, these products won't require a color variant. Other variants like Size should be created as regular variants in the product setup. Just skip the Color variant.

In this example, we will combine all these products into one product using the Siblings feature. Therefore, each product is a duplicate of the other with the exception of the product images. Each product represents one color for the combined product.

Once connected to each other as siblings, they will appear with linked swatches to each other:

Each product can have its own images, inventory, prices, description, and variants like Size (skip the color variant but create other variants needed):

Exclude a color variant

A Color variant isn't required as that will be replaced by image swatches and a metafield is used to display the color.

Tip: Create the first product with sizes and prices, then duplicate that product and add new images for each variation and adjust the description, inventory, and prices. Only the product name needs to be the same for all products.

Video - Tips for building products for Siblings

Step 2 - Collection for siblings

After creating the products, place them all in one collection. The collection does not need to be used for any other purpose (it can be hidden from your storefront):

Video - Add products to a custom collection for Siblings

Tip: How to hide a collection from the storefront

  • First, ensure the collection you would like to hide is Publishedto your Online Store:

  • Next, add the collection to the search exclusion list in the Theme settings -> Advanced.

You can hide any of your collections from searches by adding them to the search exclusion list. Find this setting in the Theme settings -> Advanced

Use this link to learn about the Advanced settings option >

Step 3 - Metafields

The next step is to create two product metafields which are used to connect all the products and information together:

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