Overview of the advanced options under the Theme settings

Within the advanced settings, it is possible to personalize which collections will remain hidden from the search function.


Settings overview
  • Collections to exclude from the search

  • Wildcard exclusions

Exclude collections

Enter the collection handle of a collection you wish to exclude from searches. These can be special collections created for demonstration, wholesale, etc.

The collection handle is found in the Search engine listing section of the Collection (bottom) set up in the Shopify admin:

You can exclude multiple collections, and separate each one by a comma and space:

Exclude collections if they contain

Wildcard exclusion. Use this for autogenerated collections, Siblings, etc.

This setting also uses the collection handle. However, only a portion of the handle. For example, if your sibling collections all begin with sibling-- followed by unique names, then you can add sibling-- or even sibling here.

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