Overview of the checkout options under the Theme settings

When it comes to customizing the Checkout stage, Shopify only offers a few basic branding features. This is because Shopify places strict limitations on the level of customization that can be done in order to ensure a secure, private, reliable, and high-performance shopping experience for all customers on the platform.

Pipeline includes the settings that are available to you by Shopify to brand and customize the look of the Checkout page.


Settings overview
  • Add a branded hero banner

  • Add and position a company logo

  • Choose a background image or color setting for the Main content area

  • Choose a background image or color setting for the Order entry area

  • Configure font choices for Headings and Body text

  • Set up colors for Accents (links, highlights, checkmarks), Buttons, and Error messages

Customers using Shopify Plus have access to advanced tools for modifying the checkout process, whereas other plans have certain limitations.

Available customizations:

  • A custom banner image at the top of the Checkout page.

  • Brand logo, with position and size options:

  • Main content area background image or

  • Background color:

  • Order summary background image or

  • Background color:

  • Font selection for headings in the Checkout,

  • Font selection for the body text:

Font options are limited to Shopify's set font library for checkout. There is no option to upload your own checkout fonts.

  • Color setting for Accents (links, highlights, and checkmarks)

  • Buttons

  • Error messages

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