Icon column

Announcement messages that standout with a range of icons or any image with targeting options

Feature added in Pipeline 6.1

Add an icon or custom image to your announcement bars and include links to promote your offers:

Icon options

Choose from a selection of icon options:

Use the color setting to add color and contrast to your message.

Custom image

Add an image or logo from your Shopify image library to customize the look:

Target Page

Display custom announcement messages to your customers only when the customer is browsing a certain page, product, collection, or blog post on your site. Target your message based on where customers are browsing on your site:

Create different announcement bars with custom messages and icons for various pages of your site.

Target Referrer

Target a specific audience by using Target Referrer. Your announcement bar will only appear when the customer arrives at your site from a certain path or location.

Enable when running a promotion on another site.

Use to provide a custom message related to the source promotion

Target Device

Target only certain devices or create a custom announcement bar message for mobile devices and another for desktop browsers. Use custom icons or images for different devices.

Enable to display custom announcement messages for mobile and desktop

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