Header styles

Pipeline includes several header styles and configuration options

Flexible layout options allow you to easily configure your brand logo, menu items, and links.

This style places the brand logo in the middle with navigation on the left and account, search, and cart on the right:

Logo | Menu | Cart

This style places the brand logo to the left with the navigation in the center. Account, search, and cart icons are placed to the right of the navigation:

Logo | Spacer | Menu + Cart

This style places the brand logo to the left, and adds spacing to push the navigation on the right next to the cart:

Mobile drawer menu

This style adopts the mobile design pattern used on all mobile devices. This style is the cleanest option, hiding the navigation into a mobile-style drawer and keeping consistency between mobile and desktop:

How to

Choose a layout option from the Header style drop-down:

Customize the style using search and icon checkbox options:


Additional examples combining layout and icons or text:

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