Complementary products

Easily add and manage all your product promotions

Pipeline can seamlessly integrate with the Shopify Search & Discovery app, which is a free app available on Shopify. This integration allows you to showcase cross-selling and upsell promotions for your products.

Once installed, you can effortlessly create and handle separate promotions through the app. Using the Pipeline product block, you can showcase the promotions on your product pages and customize how the promotional space appears.

Video: How to use Complementary products with Pipeline

What's covered in the video
  • Choosing complementary products (promotions) in the Search and Discovery app

  • Adding the Complementary product block in the Theme Editor

  • How to combine the "Buy it with" feature in Pipeline and "Bought together" promotions

Buy it with promotions combined with Complementary products

Pipeline provides you with two product blocks for promotions:

  • "Buy it with" upsell product block

  • "Bought together" complementary products block

Both can be combined to use together or individually for different promotion types:

Advantages of using Complementary products:

  • Very easy to set up and manage promotions centrally

  • Promotions can be easily changed and modified within the app

  • No metafield setup is required for unique product promotions

Advantages of using Buy it with upsell block:

  • Displays promotions in the cart as well as product pages

  • Can instantly add the same promotions to all your product pages (flash sales)

  • Supports multiple product templates

Experiment with cart and product page combinations or choose the type of promotion that's best for your store setup.

Download the app

The Search and Discovery app is available freely from Shopify:

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