Promote related collections on any collection page

Promote additional collections on your existing collection pages. Subcollections can help your customers find related collections or promoted collections at the top of the collection page.

Example of subcollections, we are promoting the "Cardigans", "Cashmere", and "Cotton" collections when viewing the Sweaters collection page:

Another example of using Subcollections can be, to help display additional brands. If a customer is viewing products by a certain brand, you can display product groups of that brand or competing brands.

Two options in Pipeline

Pipeline offers two methods for adding Subcollections to the Collection template: a fast method and a more flexible method that allows for greater customization.

Basic method

The first method and basic method is to simply choose Collections from the Subcollections list in the Theme Editor (feature added in Pipeline 7):

Using this method will display the same chosen collections on all your collection pages. This might work for smaller stores or situations where you're only promoting the same collections on each of your Collection pages.

Full customization

Pipeline also supports using a dynamic data source for Subcollections. When you use a collection metafield, you can easily choose which collections are shown for each individual Collection page.

This gives you full customization abilities including showing Subcollections only with certain Collection pages. The setup is fairly simple.

Step 1

Let's being by creating a Collection metafield in the Shopify Admin.

Choose Settings -> Custom data -> Collections

Tip: Be sure you choose Collections when creating this metafield

  • Choose the Add definition button to start creating the Collection metafield.

  • Add a Name, you can use any name you like for this metafield. We've used sub-collection

  • After adding a name, you can optionally add a description

  • Choose Select type, scroll down, and pick Collection:

  • After choosing Collection, for the type pick List of collections (important)

Press the Save button to complete

Step 2

Now we can customize each of our collections with unique Subcollections. Here is a video walkthrough on how to complete our setup and choose individual collection lists:

Steps covered in video
  • Shopify Admin -> Products -> Collections, choose a collection, and add a list of collections to cross-promote in the metafields section.

  • In the Theme Editor, connect the dynamic data source for subcollections.

You can now choose custom lists of collections for any of your collection pages. Simply return to the Shopify Admin, Collections, and choose a list of collections for any of your existing collections.

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