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Contact form

Add a full-featured contact form with a wide range of customizable blocks to any page of your site
Build a simple or completely custom contact form with this section that includes blocks of many types of form elements. Add the section to any Page, Product detail pages, the homepage, blog posts, search, the 404 page, and more:
Form options including drop-down selections, checkboxes, radio buttons and more
Add blocks to customize the form:
Combine with the Rich Text section for a custom header

Section settings

Use the section settings to set up the section's heading, title alignment, text colors, background colors, form width, and form padding:
Leave the title blank and use a Rich text section above to build a custom heading with an intro for the section:
Rich text heading and text styled as title and intro
Rich text kicker and text styled as title and intro


The contact form section includes a wide range of form elements that you can use to fully customize the contact form:
Text line
Single line form input. Used commonly for name, or address portions.
Text area
Multi-line form entry. Can be used in addition to message block
Pre-formatted phone number entry, single line
Bold text for titles or information. Ideal for breaking up long forms
Add vertical padding or a line spacer
Single checkbox
Checkbox with text. Add once or more for additional checkboxes
Select dropdown
Choose one or more from multiple options in a dropdown
Radio buttons
Grouped radio buttons, choose only one option from multiple
Required field for all forms. Collects customer's email address
Required field for all forms. The main message body

Block settings

Each block contains options pertaining to the block. Configure each one to fine-tune the form.
Example of the heading block settings:
Heading block
With the Text line, the label option displays text inside the form field to prompt the customer with what to enter. The label disappears once any text is inputted:
Text line. Similar settings used for Single checkbox and Telephone
The Spacer block has the option to show a line. If unchecked, the spacer will add vertical spacing only without a line:
Spacer block
The Select dropdown block contains settings for the title and each of the dropdown options:
Select dropdown. Similar settings are used with Radio buttons