Custom content

A powerful all-in-one flexible section with all the tools you need to design a custom section

Pipeline's most customizable section which includes the most commonly used features, all together in one section.

This is a great starting point for many merchants to build a custom look on their homepage and on other pages and templates throughout the store. Start by adding the section and then choosing either one or two blocks to build your design:

Tip: Choosing one block will create a full-width style section. Choosing two blocks builds a two-column layout.

Block choices:


Add one or two image blocks for image columns. Includes overlayed headings, text, and button options


Add a custom text column with heading, text, and button options. Each block is a column


Newsletter sign-up form, couple with an image block to build a rich sign-up section


Display a full-featured background MP4 video with support for popup steaming videos


Promote any product in your store, includes easy-to-use custom badge option


Showcase products from a collection in a scrollable product card


Showcase any blog articles with options to display an excerpt, author, author image, date, and more

Example layouts

Below is a sample of single-block and double-block variations when using Pipeline's Custom Content section.

Video and collection

A looping MP4 video from your Shopify files library and a collection block:

Image banner

A hero-style image banner when only one block is used:

Image and Collection

Products from the collection are displayed in a slideshow with dots below to indicate the number of products:

Product and Image

Image and text

Two-column text section

Single block text:

Image and Newsletter

Text and Collection

Experiment with this flexible section with blocks. Add to your homepage, lookbook, product pages, search, 404 page, blogs, and more.

Additional reference

See the Image with text section for additional information:

pageImage with text

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