Cart upselling

Promote items in the cart to help shoppers meet their free shipping requirement or last minute impulse buys

With cart cross-selling/upselling, you can promote quick-buy products that help shoppers hit their free shipping goal easily or add an item that pairs perfectly with what they've chosen.

Buy it with

Promotions for "Buy it with" can be displayed on both the Cart and Product pages. With Pipeline, you can promote multiple items in the "Buy it with" promotion, giving customers more options to choose from.

In the Cart, one promotion is displayed to make use of the space. If the shopper adds that upsell item, the promotion is updated with another item:

Tip: To make it easier for shoppers to reach their free shipping requirements, consider including quick-buy impulse products.

How to

Pipeline utilizes Shopify's Dynamic Source feature called metafields to match products with other related products. The cart upsell feature is quick and easy to setup.

Basic steps

  1. Using the Shopify Admin under Settings -> Custom data. Define a product metafield called "Upsell list". For the namespace and key, use theme.upsell_list. The Content type is Product, List of products.

  2. Next, choose a product in the Product Setup that will contain promotions. Scroll down to the Metafields section for the product and pick one or more promotional products under the Upsell list field. These will be your Cart upsell promotions. Reorder the list to your preference, the first product will be displayed as the first promotion in the Cart.

Note: If you've already defined a metafield theme.upsell_list for your product pages, you can completely skip that step. Both the cart and product pages use the same metafield for the Buy it with promotions.

Video walk-through on the above steps

This quick video shows you how simple and easy it is to set up the cart upsell feature:

Steps covered in video
  • Create theme.upsell_list metafield

  • Choose products to be used as promotions

  • View the promotions in the cart

Heading change

The Cart heading for the promotion space is by default "Buy it with". If you'd like to change that, follows these steps:

  • Use the ellipsis (three dots) at the top of the Theme Editor to view the dropdown menu

  • Choose "Edit default theme content" (also known as the language editor):

  • Use the "Product" tab at the top

  • Find the "Buy with" field and modify the text in there:

  • Use the Save button to complete.

Cart heading changed to "Flash Sale":

Note: The heading for the upsell product promotion is changed in the block settings.

The above change is for the Cart only.

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