Sticky header

Allow quick access to navigation at all times

Using a sticky header on your store offers several advantages that can enhance the user experience, improve navigation, and potentially increase conversions. A sticky header refers to a navigation menu or header that remains fixed at the top of the webpage even as the user scrolls down:


Some of the benefits of using a sticky header include:

  • Improved navigation: A sticky header ensures that the primary navigation menu is always accessible and visible to users, regardless of where they are on the page. This makes it easier for visitors to find essential links, product categories, and other important information, reducing the chances of them getting lost or frustrated.

  • Enhanced user experience: Users can quickly access various parts of your website without having to scroll back up to the top. It streamlines the navigation process and provides a smoother browsing experience, which can lead to increased user satisfaction.

  • Space optimization: Shopify store themes often have limited space, especially on mobile devices. A sticky header allows you to use the available space more efficiently by stacking the header elements neatly. This is particularly valuable on mobile, where screen real estate is limited.

  • Easy access to Search and the Cart: Users can quickly search for products or click on the cart icon to bring up the Card drawer or page.

Sticky header scroll behavior

Pipeline includes these options in the header settings:

  1. Default - No sticky header

  2. Sticky header - Sticky on down scroll and on up scroll

  3. Sticky header only on scroll up - Sticky behavior occurs only as the customer starts to scroll upwards on the page.

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