Free shipping message

Dynamic message to encourage increased items per transaction

Feature added in Pipeline 6.1

Spend value

Automatic spend value is updated in the announcement bar to help your customers know how close they are to free shipping. The spend value changes as items are added to the cart:

Amount left to spend for free shipping
Congratulations message when reached

Use to encourage add-on sales and increased quantities

How to setup

Add or Show the Free shipping message block under Announcement bar. Use the Expand icon on the left of Announcement bar to open the blocks:

Use the eye icon to show or hide message

Modify the message text as needed. Keep the || amount || custom short-code to reference your set value from the Cart settings.

Spend ||amount|| more for free shipping.

To adjust the free shipping value, navigate to Theme settings and then choose Cart:

Minimum spend for free shipping

Target Page

Display free shipping messages to your customers only when the customer is browsing a certain page, product, collection, or blog post on your site. Target your message based on where customers are browsing on your site:

Create different announcement bars with custom messages for various pages of your site.

Target Referrer

Target a specific audience by using Target Referrer. Your announcement bar will only appear when the customer arrives at your site from a certain path or location.

Enable when running a promotion on another site.

Use to provide a custom message related to the source promotion

Target Device

Target only certain devices or create a custom announcement bar message for mobile devices and another for desktop browsers.

Enable to display custom announcement messages for mobile and desktop.