Promote related collections on any collection page
Pipeline 7.0 now uses collection lists and metafields instead of navigation lists. The information below is for versions prior to Pipeline 7.
Promote a specific set of collections on any collection page. Each collection has the ability to show a set of sub-collections above the product grid. These can be customized for any collection page you have.
Example of sub-collections at the top of a collection page:
When enabled, Pipeline will match the handle of the current collection with the handle of a Navigation Menu in your Shopify Admin and then display the links as large sub-collection link options:
Each collection can have unique subcollections

How it works

Pipeline uses Shopify's Navigation menu system to bring in custom menu items into any collection page and displays them as subcollections with a graphical image, collection name, and link.

How to setup

Step 1: Enable in the Theme editor

This step is only required once
Using the Theme Editor, navigate to the collection where you'd like to add sub-collection links.
Enable the option to Show subcollections:
Toggle to turn feature on or off for all collections

Step 2: Check the collection handle

Each of your collections has a unique handle name. Pipeline will use this handle name to match with a navigation menu in order to display sub-collections.
Check the handle name for each collection that will contain sub-collections. Easily verify the collection handle by browsing the collection page in your web browser and checking the URL address:
Collection handle is "womens" in this example
Check the collection handle name by browsing to a collection page and checking the URL address. The collection handle is after /collections/ in the URL address.
Make note of each collection handle that will have sub-collections.

Step 3: Create a menu in the Shopify Navigation editor

Now that we have the collection handle names, we can use these handle names when creating menus.
To create the first menu, use the Shopify Admin Navigation editor and create a new menu. Ensure the Handle name is the same as the collection handle name:
Handle name of the menu should match the collection handle
The key to this step is the Handle name. This should match the associated collection handle name.

Step 4: Create menu items

Next, add menu items to the new menu. Each menu item will be displayed as sub-collection links for that collection:
Use drag and drop to arrange the order of the sub-collection links
Nested menu items are not supported. Keep all the menu items in the first level. For example, the above screenshot has all menu items in the first level, without any nesting.
Save the menu and you're done.
Key points
  • Each collection displaying sub-collections requires a unique menu.
  • Create menus in the Shopify Admin Navigation editor.
  • Ensure the menu handle name matches the collection handle name.
  • Add menu items to each menu. Don't nest the menu items.
  • Pipeline displays these links as sub-collections on the collection page.

Additional customization

For best results, add a collection image to each collection that will be used as a sub-collection:
Collection image is used as the subcollection link image