Tag grouping
Filter products by using tags. With group tagging, you can create custom filter groups to help shoppers find products in your collection
Custom filter groups can be easily created to help shoppers customize the product listing on your collection pages:
Mobile collection drawer with filter group options
Desktop collection sidebar with filter group options


Start by adding custom product tags to your products in the Shopify Admin:
Tip: Add multiple tags to link with multiple filter groups
In the Theme Editor under Collection, Collection page. In the Content section, choose Add tag grouping:
Use Add Tag grouping for each filter group
Add a Group name which will be displayed as the heading for the filter group. Followed by a list of tags for the group.
Use a comma after each tag

Dynamically displayed for each collection

Groups and tags are dynamically displayed on collection pages. Tags within a group will only appear as filter options if the collection contains products that are tagged with the tag. For example, the group Color, will only show the filter option Terrazzo if the current collection has a product tagged with Terrazzo. If none of the tags in a group match the current collection, the entire group will be hidden.
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