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Pipeline v6

Navigation images

Enhance your navigation menu with images, products and collections
Pipeline makes it simple to add images right into your Navigation. You can create a drop-down menu with just images or a combination of menu items and images.
Customers can find your featured products faster and easier:
Collection products in navigation

Adding content

Images, products, and collections are added as blocks under Header. Choose which menu item numerically and add content.
Example of adding a collection to the Women menu which is Item 2 in the navigation:
Click on the expand arrow next to Header to add content blocks

Expand header to add an image block

Click on the expand icon to the left of Header this will open the block options:
Add an Image, Product or Collection block

Block types

Image can be any image you choose with an optional button and link option.
Product will link directly to the product you choose.
Collection will display the first items in the chosen collection. Each will link directly to the individual product page.
Tip: Sort the collection in the Shopify admin for collections to customize which items appear first
Choose which menu item the selected content will appear on:
Link with a menu item in your navigation
Example of Item 1 in navigation.
Example of Item 2
Experiment with building custom rich menus or simple promotions added to your existing menus: