Siblings product setup
Product admin
Feature introduced in Pipeline 6.2
After creating the metafields in the previous steps, we complete the setup in the Product Admin. Add the associating information to each of the newly created metafields for each product.


This value is to identify the swatch color. Unlike regular swatches, you can use a descriptive name for each color:

Siblings collection

This metafield is used to map each product the correct collection they belong to. Each group of products should have already been added to a collection.
For example, each product sibling for the product "THE NOHR OFF SHOULDER" belongs to a collection with the handle of swatch-the-nohr-off-shoulder:
Be sure to obtain the correct collection handle. Start choosing the collection you created:
Next, click on the Edit website SEO link:
Select and copy the entire handle at the end of the URL handle:
Verify you have the correct handle from the collection used with your siblings

Complete for all products

Update each of the products in your siblings collection with:
  1. 1.
  2. 2.
    Siblings collection
Once completed, you can test by viewing one of the products to ensure the Siblings feature is working: