Migrating your settings
Tips for copying your current theme settings to a new version of Pipeline
These steps are for merchants already using Pipeline 6 and above.
If your store is running Pipeline 5 or earlier, migrating settings is not recommend. Due to the many performance improvements included in Shopify Online Store 2, legacy settings files will slow down your store load times. A fresh theme build is recommended when updating to the new Shopify OS2 platform.

Tips on updating your theme for Pipeline 6 and above

Pipeline 6 is designed for Shopify Online Store 2.0. For customers who are already using Pipeline 6 or above and also updating to a newer version, these tips will help you migrate your current shop settings and sections over to a newer version of Pipeline. Full video walkthrough on how to migrate your settings and sections:
Tips to copy over all your settings and sections
Steps covered in the video:
  • Making a duplicate of your live theme (required)
  • Copy current Pipeline 6 settings to a newer version of Pipeline (example Pipeline 6.1.1)
  • Copy all sections, blocks, and section settings (including homepage sections) from the current live theme to the newer version of Pipeline.
Disclaimer The tips provided on this page and video are for advanced users, agencies, and Shopify Experts. Shopify does not currently have a system in place to update themes automatically. For that reason, we have provided these tips to help you. Our free theme support does not include copying these files for you. If you require assistance with updating themes, please consult a Shopify Expert. Remember to always make a duplicate of your live theme (covered in the video) before making any code changes in the Code Editor.

Reference from video

When copying over your sections, section blocks, and section settings, these are the JSON files listed in the Templates folder:
Blue dots indicate file has been updated or modified
The blue dot next to the filename indicates the file has been modified or updated which also means you will need to copy all the code from that file to your new theme version. These JSON files store all your sections, section blocks, and section settings when using Shopify Online Store 2.0.

Updating from Pipeline 6.0 or Pipeline 6.1.0

If you're are running Pipeline 6.0 or 6.1.0 and updating to a newer version, sections that contain a background color dropdown will have to be manually updated.
Example: If a Pipeline 6.1.0 theme has a newsletter popup setup with a dark background:
Updating to Pipeline 6.1.1 or higher will require a manual change. The dropdown will appear as Default even after you migrate your settings file:
Manually update from Default back to your original choice
Pipeline 6.1.1 introduced a new feature, color palettes. The settings_data.json file in Pipeline 6.0 and 6.1.0 did not store that information resulting in the Background color dropdown being reset to Default.
Check sections that have used the Background color dropdown and update them from Default to your preferred color scheme.