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New Shopify Theme Editor

Tips on using the new Shopify Theme Editor
Shopify has released a new online store Theme Editor. The new editor has been rolling out to all Shopify merchants as of July 2021
If your Theme Editor looks completely different, you're not alone. All Shopify stores, regardless of which theme they are using will have a whole new experience when editing their store.
Here are a few tips on where to find things inside the new editor.


Product tabs

Content blocks like product tabs are now nested within a section, in this case you'll find them under Product page:
Click on the arrow to expand the view to see tabs and content blocks
To add a new tab, choose Add block:
Use Add block to add tabs
Hide a tab:
Use the eye icon to show and hide tabs

Product settings

The main product page settings are found by clicking on Product page. If you have a wider browser, the settings will appear on the right side of your browser:
Screens 1600px and wider will have right-side setting options
How to modify header content blocks - Menu items:
Expand Header to view menu content blocks


Tag filter groups can be found when you expand Collection page:
Tag filter group content blocks


Pages are new grouped by the page template you've chosen:
Pages are found by page template