Static upsell product

Pair one product with all your products
Feature added in Pipeline 6.1
Instantly add a static product upsell promotion to all your product pages. This is the easiest method to set up and provides a promotion on all product pages when using the same product template.
Start by adding the Upsell theme block on the default product template:
Add the upsell theme block
After adding the upsell theme block, choose a product to pair with all your products:
The upsell product is ready to use on all your product pages
The chosen product is now paired and will appear in the "Buy it with" promotion on all your product pages.

Single variant products

When selecting a product for the "Buy it with" promotion, we recommend you choose products with one variant. The one-click Add to Cart button adds the default variant to the Cart with no variant selection. Upsell products work best when they have one variant.
If your products contain multiple variants, create a product for promotional use only modeled from the main variant version.
Feature added in Pipeline 6.1


To change the placement of the promotion, use drag-and-drop to move the theme block:
Upsell theme block name is replaced with the name of the selected upsell product